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OUR EXPERIENCE: Better than I expected! We did the first five things on this list in a few hours and it was such an educative experience to see the nice and great tourist sites we have in Ghana. Definitely an experience and a must do when you are in Ghana!

We used the Ghana Tourism Bus (Open top) to do our tour activities; a great experience and a fun adventure as you can see in the picture below;

Here’s a quick view of the places we visited within the 4hrs we had to spare and a few things to do in Accra if you ever visit and have a short time to spend. Give yourself a chance to visit the following historical places:

JAMES TOWN: This is one of Accra’s oldest neighborhoods with lots of colonial style buildings, graffiti walls and a rich cultural history. Definitely, a must visit place if you ever come to Accra Ghana. Visit the lighthouse, the famous Jamestown Cafe, and meet the people. Talk about culture, food, music and sports. You will be amazed.

INDEPENDENCE SQUARE: The Independence square, also known as Black Star Square, has two monuments: the Independence Arch and the Black Star Gate. We had lots of fun as the group walked together to pose for pictures and having fun. This was quite an experience. I learnt that the Black Star Gate is the center of the world. Yes, more about this history to come soon.


we also passed by the Kwame Nkrumah museum we saw his statutes and his tomb inside the Mausoleum. A historic site that we recommend everyone to visit when you visit Ghana. A great story and history about the First President of Ghana

NATURAL CULTURAL AND ART CENTRES: The arts and crafts center is a very nice place to be. We saw nice bags, clothing designed with kente and mask. Some was scary though (I mean the mask). It was very interesting seeing people around buying and selling, I really had fun



OSU – OXFORD STREET: Osu is a suburb of Accra, close to the center of the city and a very vibrant street. All the Pubs, restaurants, cool places, cafes, boutiques, night clubs seems to be located here. Especially on Oxford street, you will witness the hustle and bustle of the day & night life at Osu. Our main attraction to Osu was to drive through the oxford street and enjoy its busy lifestyle; the Urbano hotel with the “I love Accra” sign sits right in the along the Oxford street. Along with the restaurants, shops & cafes, this is one place to see when you are in Accra, Ghana

Overall, Accra is a big city with lots of people and numerous things to do. Next time , we will take you through the famous Makola Market; the Christianborg Castle, W.E.B DuBois Center and a drive through Labadi Beach road to the Jubilee House.

Until then, Cheers!

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